Vocational Assessment

A vocational assessment is used to analyse and assess an individuals skills and experience, work interests and determine suitable vocations based on the current employment needs and what the individual is capable of physically and psychologically. Vocational assessments, while usually done to aid young people, can be useful for employers for recruitment and candidates who best fulfill a job, for people returning to work or for people who are unsure of their next career move.

Vocational assessments include the following:

  • Face-to-face individual with the individual to meet with the client and collect relevant information
  • Psychometric Testing for IQ, measuring intelligence across cognitive and academic domains
  • The Big 5 Personality Test
  • Career Occupational Preference System (COPS)
  • Feedback and report given to the client roughly 2 weeks after the assessment has been completed.

Vocational counselling is also offered for individuals at Sydney Psychology Centre. To find out more about vocational assessments and booking a vocational assessment at the practice, please call on 9960 1222 or email at admin@sydneychildpsychologist.com.au